A community based on trust and security

The love for dogs is what binds all our members together. However, trust and respect among the members are what keep this community alive and thriving.

The well-being and safety of our dogs and their human friends are paramount. By joining Meet My Doggo you will benefit from all the following safety measures:

24-hour veterinary assistance

Your dog's well-being is paramount. Meet My Doggo provides a veterinary assistance phone number, accessible 24/7. So, if a dog encounters an issue while with a borrower, professional guidance is immediately available.

Veterinary insurance

Your dog is covered in case of accidents while under the care of a borrower. The special insurance for all dogs, in collaboration with AXA, covers expenses up to €500 (with a €50 deductible paid by the dog owner). This insurance is applicable only to Premium members.

Identity verification

To ensure serenity within our community, all members have the option to validate their identity. It's about earning the trust of other members they'll interact with. This provides you with the assurance that the individuals you meet on Meet My Doggo have been validated by us.

Damage insurance

Dogs can sometimes be a bit mischievous. In the event of damage caused by dogs to borrowers, our specially crafted damage insurance (physical, material, and immaterial) covers the expenses. The coverage amount for this insurance is €50,000 per year. This insurance is applicable only to Premium members.

Liability insurance

We know that our furry friends can sometimes have fun. Don't worry. When a dog is under the care of a borrower, they are covered by the borrower's liability insurance. Therefore, any physical or material damage caused by the dog to a third party will be covered by the borrower's insurance.

The first meeting

"Love at first sight! Take the time to talk and get to know each other before picking up or handing over the leash. Meet as many times as necessary to build a trusting relationship between the dog, the borrower, and the owner."

The Dog's Profile Form

When an owner entrusts their dog to a borrower, they provide the Dog's Profile, a sheet containing essential information about their dog and emergency contacts.

The mandatory leash

Borrowers are committed to keeping the dogs on a leash at all times, unless they have written permission from the owner

The choice

"Meet whoever you want!" You can get to know as many members as you'd like. Choose from profiles near you, then connect with the members you're interested in, until you find the right person (or people, no jealousy here!) or the right dog.

The proximity.

With Meet My Doggo, you can meet people who live in your neighborhood and take the time to get to know them. You can meet people who live in your neighborhood and take the time to get to know them (and potentially find out where they live before entrusting your dog if you're an owner).

Code of Conduct

Upon registration, all members of Meet My Doggo agree to the Code of Conduct. By signing up, all members of Meet My Doggo commit to behaving in an honest, respectful, and considerate manner to ensure the safety and well-being of the dogs and to provide peace of mind for both owners and borrowers.

You can count on us

Our team is at your disposal to provide personalized follow-up and assistance. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.