General Terms of Use 

The Meet My Doggo website is published by Emprunte Mon Toutou, a company with a capital of 77 154,90 euros, whose head office is located at 32 Rue Riquet, 31000 Toulouse, France, listed in the Toulouse Trade and Companies Register under number 822 080 420.

Tel: 0033 (0)5 67 34 13 16

Email address: [email protected]

Hosting provider: OVH SAS with a capital of €10,069,020

Emprunte Mon Toutou provides a connection between dog owners and “borrowers” who wish to offer their services to look after animals.

In this document:

The term “Site” refers to the website and the Meet My Doggo mobile application.

The term “Company” refers to the person who operates the Site and the Meet My Doggo mobile application.

The term “Owner” denotes any person who has registered an account on the Site to publish their dog’s profile for the purposes of attracting potential borrowers.

The term “Borrower” refers to any person who has signed up for an account on the Site to publish their profile online in order to be entrusted with an Owner’s dog. As the animal may be the subject of a loan or borrowing contract, the term “borrow” should not be understood by its legal definition, but by its common meaning.

The term “Member” refers to any person having opened an account on the Site.

The term “User” refers to any person using the Site who has not opened an account on the Site.

The term “Guardian” refers to any person who, as per article 1385 of the French Civil Code, has the power to handle, direct and control the animal. The dog’s Guardian may be the Owner or the Borrower.

The term “GTU” refers to the present General Terms of Use.

Article 1


The GTU constitute a contract between the Members, the Owners, the Borrowers and MEET MY DOGGO, defining the conditions that apply to any registration.

The Company provides a service that connects dog owners and borrowers.

The loan agreement is concluded directly between the two individuals. Meet My Doggo is not involved in this transaction.

To be able to benefit from all the advantages provided by the Site, Users are advised to register as Members.

Only Members may borrow a dog or lend their dog.

Registration is carried out through a form on the Site.

Article 2


When registering, the User must provide accurate information.

To open an account, the User declares that he/she:
– is a natural person
– has the legal capacity to use the services of the Site


Users who wish to register on the site must follow the following procedure:

Firstly, they must fill in an identification form and indicate whether they are registering as an “Owner” or as a “Borrower”.

The information required to create a profile is name, address, telephone number and email. Personal information such as contact details will not be visible to Users or other members. A User may give them to another member if he/she wishes, in the event that they decide to meet.

Any incomplete or false information, as well as usurpation of identity or status, is prohibited. It is likely to incur the liability of those responsible.

Each account is individual and non-transferable. The User has the sole right to use his/her account to access the Site’s services.

The Company reserves the right to request proof of identity and residence to verify the authenticity of the information given by the User. In the event of refusal, the Company shall be entitled to suspend the account.

Once the identification form has been completed, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the address provided by the User. To activate the account, it is necessary to click on the link in the email. The User’s login and password are strictly private and confidential and must not be communicated to a third party by the User.

After the creation of his/her account on the Site, the Member shall complete his/her profile. If he/she is an Owner, he/she shall indicate the breed of his/her animal and its characteristics, add one or more photos of the dog, and indicate the conditions under which he/she wishes the dog to be looked after.

If there are several animals, it is not necessary to create several accounts. Simply enter all their names in the field labelled “Name of your doggo”, describe the different animals and add photos of each of them to the profile.

The registration on the site of dogs belonging to dangerous breeds is prohibited.

The Company reserves the right to refuse profiles whose nature might be contrary to the spirit and purpose of the Site.

To search for a Borrower, the Owner may use the simple or advanced search tools available. By default, Borrowers are listed in order of proximity.

An Owner can add a Borrower to his/her favorites and, if he/she is a Premium member, contact him/her. He/she can also access to profiles of Borrowers who have added his/her dog to their favorites.

To find a dog, Borrowers can also use the Website’s search tools. The list of dogs displayed is also sorted in order of proximity.


Borrowers can use the filters to refine their search.

They can add dogs to their favorites and, if they are Premium members, contact Owners. Like Owners, they can access profiles that have selected them as favorites.

An Owner and a Borrower, by mutual agreement, can organize a first meeting to establish contact between them but also with the animal that is to be looked after.

The loan agreement is concluded directly between the Owner and the Borrower.

Borrowers may not involve the dogs entrusted to them in activities that would endanger them, such as hunting.

The Member may cancel membership at any time by contacting the Site at the following address: [email protected]

The Company reserves the right to close the account of any Member who does not comply with the present General Conditions of Use.

Article 3


Registering on Meet My Doggo as a Borrower or Owner is completely free. It enables the User to create his/her profile, discover registered members near him/her who might be suitable for him/her, and to use the unlimited messaging system to contact members while benefiting from the following safety features:


• Veterinary insurance to protect the pet during loans.


• Identity confirmation (optional) to reassure other members.


• 24/7 veterinary helpline for professional advice in the event of an issue while the dog is being looked after or walked (available only in France and Spain).


• Damage insurance: covers costs in the event of damage to the borrower’s home.


The User may then choose to become a Premium member, to take advantage of the following:


• Veterinary insurance to protect the dog during loans

• Unlimited messaging so he/she can contact other members and view incoming messages

• Identity confirmation (optional) to reassure other members

• 24/7 veterinary helpline for professional advice in the event of an issue while the dog is being looked after or walked (available only in France and Spain).

• Damage insurance: covers costs in case of damage to the borrower’s home


It is forbidden for a Borrower to claim money from an Owner for taking care of his dog. Members who do not respect this will be excluded from Meet My Doggo (without refund of their subscription). If a borrower has claimed money from you, you must inform us so that we can take appropriate measures.

Once all the information requested at the first stage of registration has been completed by the User, the latter will click on “Confirm” to definitively confirm their registration. By confirming his/her subscription, he/she declares that he/she agrees to it, as well as the entirety of these General Terms and Conditions, fully and without reservation.


The purchase is made online via a secure transaction. Payment is made by debit card or credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or by Google Play or Apple App Store or Apple iTunes. Meet My Doggo uses Stripe’s secure systems for card payments.

Once the transaction is completed, the Member will receive a receipt of payment by email to the address he/she indicated during registration, or to the email address of his/her Google or Apple account if he/she paid by Google Play or Apple App Store or Apple iTunes.

Proof of payment and invoices are archived on a reliable and durable medium to establish a faithful and durable copy as per Article 1348 of the French Civil Code.

The computerized registers shall be deemed as proof of communications and payments between the parties.


Subscription as a Premium Member is deemed to be immediate and final as soon as the Member receives electronic mail confirmation of the subscription. The Member has continuous access to their premium membership unless and until he/she cancels his/her membership. Subscriptions are automatically invoiced at the beginning of each billing period, at the latest 24 hours before the beginning of the billing period.


When a User signs up as a Premium Member, they may receive the membership benefits free of charge for a specified trial period. At the end of this period, they will be charged for the membership until they cancel it. If they do not wish to be charged for the subscription, they must cancel it before the end of the trial period. Once the trial is cancelled, they will immediately lose access to the application concerned and any benefits relating to the subscription. Access to such trial periods may be limited to a certain number of trials per User during a given period, or subject to other restrictions, and is only available to certain Users and in conjunction with special offers.

Article 4

Cancellation, right of withdrawal, and 3-month money-back guarantee

4.1 Cancellation

The User may cancel a subscription at any time before the end of the applicable billing period. The cancellation will take effect in the next period. For example, if a User purchases a quarterly subscription, he/she may cancel it at any time during any subscription quarter, and cancellation will take effect at the end of that quarter. Once cancellation is effective, he/she will lose premium membership benefits.


4.2 Withdrawal within the legal cooling-off period of 14 days

The Member is legally entitled to a period of fourteen days within which to exercise his or her right of withdrawal from the date of joining as a Premium Member.

If the member wishes the contract to be effective before the end of the 14-day withdrawal period, the Company shall receive a specific request to that effect from the Premium Member on paper, by e-mail or on a durable medium.

The procedure for requesting a withdrawal is determined by the payment method used by the member:

• For payments made on the website, the Member must contact the Company by post, email, or on a durable medium to make their request for withdrawal. The refund will be made via the payment method used to subscribe as a Premium Member.

• For payments made on Google Play, the Member must contact Google Play to request a refund. We suggest Members review the Google Play terms and conditions for more information:


• For payments made through the Apple App Store or Apple iTunes, the Member must contact Apple to request a withdrawal. Members should refer to Apple’s terms and conditions for more information:


4.3 3-month money back guarantee

If the User is not satisfied with his/her experience as a Premium Member of Meet My Doggo, the Company provides a money-back guarantee, subject to the following conditions:

The User should contact the Company if after three months he/she has not met a potential Owner or Borrower (depending on his/her profile type). The money-back-guarantee pre-supposes that the Member has made every effort to find an Owner or Borrower (depending on his/her profile type), including:

• Having created a complete profile.

• Having contacted Members close to his/her home.

• Having answered offers that were made to him/her


The money back guarantee does not apply if:

• The Member has provided his/her contact details to another Member or received the contact details of another Member (telephone number, postal or email address).

• The Member used the “doggovet” insurance service.

• The Member contravened the GTU.

Article 5

Liability of the Company and Members

The Company is purely an intermediary between the Owner and the Borrower.

The Company shall not be held liable by the Member for any illicit listings or proposed services.

In the event of the presence of an illicit listing on the Site, the Member must inform the Company, which will promptly withdraw the said listing should it appear to be manifestly illicit.

As a result, the Company cannot be held responsible by the Member for the non-performance or poor performance of the loan.
The Company cannot be held responsible for discrepancies between the conditions of the loan and those described in the listing, the cancellation of a loan, or a ‘no-show’ by a member. Nor in the event of damage caused or suffered by the animal during the loan, or any other event related to the loan of the animal. Members assume full liability for any damage relating to the loan of the animal which may be claimed by themselves or by a third party.

It is the responsibility of the Owner to contact the Borrower directly for any problem related to the loan of his/her animal. It is the responsibility of the Borrower to contact the Owner directly for any problem related to the loan of the animal.

The User acknowledges that through the present GTU the Company has fulfilled its duties of information, advice and caution concerning the Site’s features.

Users are presumed to be aware of the non-reliability of the Internet network.

Consequently, the Company cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the use of this network: viruses, intrusion, misappropriation of identification data, loss of data, breakdown of service or other involuntary issues.

The Company cannot be held responsible for total or partial inaccessibility of the Site due to a case of force majeure, or a technical problem that is attributable to the technical suppliers of the Site.

The same applies in the event of an interruption to the service that is required for its maintenance or update, or in the event of a computer attack aimed at impeding its performance (in particular “hacking” or “mail bombing”).

The Member guarantees that the information provided in his or her listing is accurate and does not contain any errors or omissions of a misleading or dishonest nature. He/she undertakes to carry out all necessary checks and to provide all necessary details so that the description and contents of his/her profile are accurate and do not mislead other Members. Any modifications to this information must be updated.

In the event of an error in the description and content of the listing, only the Member’s liability can be invoked and no claim on his or her part will be accepted. The Company cannot be held responsible in any way whatsoever if the information contained in the listing proves to be inaccurate.

Members undertake to abide by the Code of Conduct.

Borrowers undertake to keep the dog in their care on a leash at all times, unless they have received formal authorization from the Owner via the Off-Leash Form, signed by the Owner.

The Borrower undertakes not to mistreat the animals entrusted to his/her care. Article L521-1 of the French Penal Code states that “Carrying out, publicly or otherwise, grievous abuse, or abuse of a sexual nature, or committing an act of cruelty to a domestic or tame animal, or one that is held in captivity, is punishable by two years’ imprisonment and a fine of 30,000 euros”.

The Company requires all Members to have a valid insurance contract covering civil liability. The contract must cover accidents of any kind that may be caused or suffered by the animal on loan, as well as the theft of the animal during a loan.

When the Borrower is the dog’s Guardian, he/she is solely responsible for the conduct of the loans that he/she offers to carry out and for the correct execution of the material conditions of the loan, to the exclusion of any other persons.

Alternatively, when the Owner is the Guardian, he/she will be solely responsible for any damages caused by the dog.

Members’ contact details must be used solely for the purposes of organizing the loan of the animal.

The Member shall refrain from using the listings for purposes other than those set out in these General Terms of Use, and shall refrain from publishing, distributing, or selling in any way whatsoever the content to which he/she has access, and, more generally, from infringing, directly or indirectly or through third parties, in any way whatsoever, the rights of Meet My Doggo.

The Member is personally responsible for the content of their listing. He/she is also responsible for protecting his/her password and controlling access to his/her account.

All Members are formally forbidden to use the Site for commercial purposes and to offer other Members paid pet sitting services on their own account. If such activity is found to have occurred, the Member’s profile will be immediately deleted and the present contract terminated, without claim to any reimbursement. In such an event, Meet My Doggo reserves the right to sue the Member and to claim payment of damages.

Article 6

Intellectual property

The Company owns the copyright on the Site and its contents, including software and databases, and the sui generis rights as a database creator.


All items pertaining to the Site, i.e., trademarks, domain names, text, data, structure, tree structure, thesaurus, sections, logos, graphics, images, photographs, names, and the Site itself, are the exclusive property of the Company.

Any extraction, reuse, representation, reproduction, exploitation, adaptation, translation, of the Site and all or part of its content is prohibited, unless expressly authorized by the Company.


These obligations are applicable for the duration of intellectual property rights of the Company and for all countries, including after the termination of this contract.

Article 7

Personal data protection

The Website is registered with the CNIL (French data protection authority), with registration number 1987211.

In accordance with article 34 of the French law of 6 January 1978, Users have the right to access, rectify and oppose any personal data that concerns them. To do so, they simply need to make a request by e-mail to “[email protected]” or by filling in the contact form available by clicking on the Site’s “Contact us” tab.

The Site has a period of thirty days to make the necessary changes or deletions.

When a User account is closed, the connection data is archived and kept confidential for a maximum period of one year. The other data will be archived and kept confidential for a maximum of 10 years.

The Company reserves the right to communicate to third parties any information that may be necessary to comply with the laws or regulations in force, on any judicial or administrative requisitions, or those issued by law enforcement.

Users’ personal data shall only be passed on to third parties where necessary for the services provided or with their consent.

The Company may send Members information and commercial offers. The User may refuse this by modifying the preferences in their account.


The User is informed that the Site uses cookies for functional purposes. Meet My Doggo cookies do not contain personal information. The following cookies are used:

• The Meet My Doggo cookie enables the Company to recognize Member Users and allow them to connect to the Member area without having to enter their login and password.

• The Google Analytics cookie enables the Company to anonymously track usage of Meet My Doggo in order to improve services. Google Analytics only collects anonymous data.

• The Google DoubleClick cookie enables the Company to track and improve advertising campaigns and to provide targeted ads on third-party sites. Google DoubleClick only collects anonymous data.

The User can disable Google Analytics advertising features, including through ad settings – see the Google support explanation page for more information: To learn more about Google’s use of cookies, including how to opt out, visit

It is also possible to restrict or block cookies from Meet My Doggo or other sites directly from the web browser. Go to the browser’s help section for more information.

The Site does not store any User’s banking data, as these are the exclusive possession of banks or approved payment intermediaries.

Article 8


All memberships take effect from the date of registration on the website ”” for a fixed period of 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on the user’s choice.

Renewal is automatic. Members have the option of deactivating automatic renewal directly from their account. The Company reserves the right to terminate this contract, without compensation, in the event of a breach of any of the clauses mentioned herein.

In the event that, in particular, the Member commits one of the following, non-exhaustive list of contractual breaches or offences: – False declarations – Ill-treatment of animals – Lack of insurance – Defamatory statements – Professional nature of the Member’s proposal – Use of Member data for commercial purposes, the list is non-exhaustive, The Company reserves the right to terminate this contract and remove access to the Website without entitlement to compensation for any damage suffered by the Member.

Article 9

Applicable law

This Contract is governed by French law. Any dispute relating to its execution will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.

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