Find volunteers for your doggo

Meet My Doggo directly connects you with dog lovers in your area who take care of your dog without exchanging money.

Are you going away for the weekend, on vacation, or simply want your dog to make new friends? Entrusting your dog to a borrower is the perfect solution.

You can take the time to chat and socialize before handing over the leash to your dog. While in the care of a borrower, your dog benefits from the borrower’s liability insurance and, in case of any issues, a 24/7 veterinary helpline. Additionally, all members of our community have the option to undergo identity verification, creating an atmosphere of trust and serenity among them, ensuring that each of our members connects with serious individuals who have proven their credentials.


It’s quite simple: on Meet My Doggo you’ll find dog lovers near you who will take care of your dog whenever you want, just for fun. These borrowers will provide your dog with the same care and affection that you give them every day.

Some recently registered borrowers


New York

Hello! I’m Ariadna, 21 years old, from Uruguay, and I’m experiencing a new adventure in New York. I’m an animal lover, but a huge fan of dogs (…).


Los Angeles

I am a veterinary student, with one more year to go before I finish. And I absolutely adore the four-legged furry ones.



Hello!! I’m a student studying Environmental Sciences, and I absolutely love animalsđź’“. At my parents’ home we’ve always had many animals. Currently, we have (…).



Hello! I’ve had dogs at home since I was little, up until recently when my little dog passed away at 20 years old(!).

ÂżCĂłmo funciona?

1. Sign up

It’s easy, in less than a minute you’ll have access to potential borrowers near your location.

2. Discover profiles of borrowers near you.

Discover their photo, availability, previous experience with dogs, location, etc.

3. Contact them

You can get in touch with as many borrowers as you want through our messaging system.

4. Get to know them and introduce your dog to them

Initiate new trusted relationships and provide your dog with a broader social circle.

Create your profile for free.

You can create your profile for free and discover the profiles of borrowers near you.

You will also have the possibility to access our Premium space, which will allow you to:

The quotes help finance these safety measures, so you can trust your dog with peace of mind, but it also helps the Préstame Tu Perrito community to thrive and grow.

The best part? We offer a one-month money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

So, if you also want to give your dog these moments of happiness, join us and be part of the dog-loving community!