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It’s a unique concept: volunteers (the borrowers) take care of the dogs for free, just because they love dogs. It’s a win-win: dogs get walks or stays in the best possible conditions with someone who loves them, borrowers create a strong relationship with them, and both share a lot of love!

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Find a truster volunteer to look after your dog or walk him/her

Why pay expensive dog sitting services when there are plenty of experienced dog lovers near you who would jump at the opportunity of spending time with your dog, for walks, overnight stays or even vacations?

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Share wonderful moments with a local dog

You love dogs but you can’t have one? You’re not alone! Meet dogs near you and spend time with them, it can just be for walks or for longer stays. Build a relationship with them and they’ll give you plenty of love in return.

You are a doggo

Meet new human friends and get more walks and happy times

You’re a dog? You love pets, walks, treats, new experiences, and being in the presence of someone who loves you? Get your parent to subscribe to Meet My Doggo, and get all of this and more!

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For simple walks or playtime, for a few hours or for several days during vacations, share the love of dogs by joining a community of dog lovers near you!